Personal Project :: Favourite Features :: Medium Format Film

I’m trying to use up some old medium format film I acquired from a retired landscape photographer a while back–one roll of regular 120, 100 ISO, and one roll of slide film.   Both had expired before 1992.   So the results were going to be unexpected…

Also, one roll was 100 ISO.  This exercise was a good reminder for me about the limitations of film.


With digital you can constantly push the envelope and just ‘make it work’ later in Lightroom or Photoshop.  (I know, tisk, tisk, get it RIGHT in camera.)  But with film, 100 ISO is just not very sensitive to light and I should have only been using it in full midday sunlight.     Most of the conditions I shot in were too dark and therefore very grainy and sometimes blurry.    Fortunately there’s a lot of charm in grain.      Also I found the 100 very green, (see above) while the slide film was more purple (see below).   Could be an age issue…


I had an epiphany while shooting this experimental series–I started asking my subjects what their favourite feature was–the answers ranged, though I assumed most of them would be ‘my eyes’.

These are all shot on a Mamiya C330 with a 80mm lens.



‘My Hair’


‘My Hair 2’


‘My Eyes’ from the kid who has worn thick glasses from a really young age.


‘My Freckles’


Then I shot some of MY favourite features of some favourite people:


‘Your Laugh Lines’


‘Your Laugh Lines 2’


‘Your Cupid’s Bow’


‘Your Lashes and Cheekbones from this Angle’


‘Your Smile Dimples’


If you liked this post please leave a comment!  I LOVE hearing from people rather than feeling like I’m talking into an vacuumous black hole…that’s never fun.

13 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos! and I got teary reading some of the captions. (hey, are you surprised?)

  2. Love these! So personal and inspiring! I have never touched any film but was given a camera this spring I’d love to play with.

  3. Monica says:

    Beautiful lighting! Beautiful people!

  4. Susan says:

    Love seeing into those personal moments, trying to understand what it is about someone that makes them unique. and i’m sure they loved seeing what you loved about them!

    • Claire Dam says:

      I hope so! It was a but of surprise for them I think–but it was fun for exactly the reason you said: trying to understand what it is about someone that they/I was drawn to. Thanks for commenting<3

  5. jan bennett says:

    congratulations Claire – beautiful shots of beautiful people

  6. My mum says “Awesome”.

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