White Elephant S/S Lookbook FILM VERSION + Behind-the-Scenes || Toronto Commercial Film Photography

I don’t even have the words to really get into my latest time with Hollie & Jane from White Elephant.

We had been playing around with this idea for a long time now, and finally we were able to pull it all together.

I shot the majority of images digitally, but then for each individual set-up I tried to fire off a couple film shots as well. I was using a camera that had just been given to me and film that was slide film, expired and rescued from an already loaded-camera. So I would have been thrilled to get a couple decent shots back.
(Leave a comment below if you want specs on equipment or accessories.)

I haven’t talked it over with the ladies, but if we do another White Elephant shoot I might just insist it’s done exclusively in film. The dresses, the models, the location, the lambs PLUS that tangible film quality………It just charms my pants off.

Maria was assisting again and to her surprise and delight got to be our lamb-wrangler for the day.


We shot on the property of a very welcoming doctor/farmer, Jim. (Where my husband and I bought our puppy Moses, incidentally!) The farm is actively farmed, but the house is abandoned. Doesn’t sound appealing to a real-estate agent, but was VERY appealing to us!aadiptychclaired053014-R1-E006 claired053014-R1-E012 claired053014-R1-E017We sneaked out into the neighbours woodlot for some of my favourite shots of the day. You can’t really top an axe-wielding-babe in the woods.  2claired053014-R1-E0203

After finishing up at Jim’s very Gray-Gardens-esque swimming pool we drove back to my farm and worked with my birds and our pond.

claired053014-R1-E036 7

Momo.    claired053014-R1-E028 claired053014-R1-E031claired053014-R1-E032


Trying to wrangle lambs was challenging but come on, not a bad gig. Our of the four we worked with three of them were high-energy–so made it more fun!

6 CDP_0380 CDP_0379We were fortunate enough to have a great team:

Hair and Make-up: a&j beauty

Flowers: Jessica Hunter

Models: Katie Benfey & Emma Scales

Assisting: Maria

Everything Else: Hollie & Jane

DSC_7411  4

Hollie finding fiddle heads while we shot in the woods. She didn’t share.



The whole crew:
*Minus Maria*

Jessica, Hollie, Emma, Jane, Katie, Jim, Claire, Alex & Justine)


Wow–I’m just so honoured to have work with such an amazing team of professionals—and I’m so thrilled with the end results.
Please check out the S/S 2014 Lookbook now and visit White Elephant on James St N in Hamilton!

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